Can your mobile phone adjust mute mode when taking photos?


I am wondering that why my smart phone cannot cancel the shutter voice when taking photos. Sometimes at class, I want to take photos about the notes that teachers are talking about, in order to make shutter voice listen smaller, I pressed the audio loud mouth. I did not think about that such technique could be convenient to candid camera.

As the technology of mobile media development, the functions of mobile’s camera have become more perfect. And nowadays more and more people are keen on mobile photography. However, this transformative photography mode not only brings rich artistic creation and quick dissemination of information, but also it has many disadvantages, which contains controversial debates about social and ethical aspects. It seems that mobile photography could not escape “infringement” problems. “If you want to take my picture, you’ll need to get my permission first. [1]” Using mobile phone cameras should get the permission for the person and then shoot. If the photos are used for commercial purposed, it should also get the permission.

In the view of photography enthusiasts, candid camera is a creative way in order to capture the most real and original photos, which are without hide and affectation of the screen. For example, most works of one of the most famous photographers around the world Henri Cartier-Bresson’s are capture photos, or you can say they are candid camera photos, but no one accused him infringement. He teaches people how to take street photography [2], which is also hard to define the photographic infringement. In many situations, you will hard to capture the most leisure moment of the person, when you asked the permission before.


Many foreign counties phones’ brands ban the camera phone shutter sound removers, such South Korea [3]. Even in vibrate mode, signal tone of sending pictures must be send, in order to alert the surrounding crowd. Not only mobile photography relies on capture or the situation of not bothering the parties, but also painting, documentaries and other artistic creation fields.


However, even many phones have banned the shutter sound of camera, the technology has no insurance against candid camera. Users explored a variety of means to crack. The simplest one is to paste phone speaker holes with adhesive tape, which is like the way I made the sound lower with using finger pressed on it. The volume will drop a lot with adhesive tape. If at that moment together with headsets, sounds almost cannot hear. Another way is to set the system volume to minimum directly. And the most through way is to brush the phone or modify the code with eliminating the original setting, which have become common conditions in mobile phones’ repair center. In addition, there is another common way with calling the numbers of automated customers’ service, and then taking photos, which would have no sounds.

Artistic creation has it own regular and tricks, which is not mere novelty or so-called “eye-catching”. How to pursuit beauty based on protecting others’ privacy? This is the real art, such as lens blur, overexposed or less exposure of blur, highlights, shadows or other effects. These all could try.Image


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Internet regulation in Australia


Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the world. It is people’s common wealth and the resources supplied by the Internet can be shared together. It seems that people could communicate with each other without reservation online. Most of these people advocate in freedom and they are looking for free on the web. However, the atmosphere of Internet gets its own rules in different areas of different countries. Not only it needs internet rules, but also Internet regulation can not be ignored in each country. Nowadays the system of Internet regulation is not complete enough to protect people’s rights online. Governments should enhance internet regulatory.

The network monitoring system in Australia is relatively well developed around the world. As one of the earliest developed countries with formulation of Internet regulation, the behavior and speech online in Australia promote the development of network environment. The main regulatory agency in Australia is Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which is combined with Broadcasting Authority and Telecommunications Authority in 2005 by the government. [1] According to Anti-spam Law, Internet Content Regulations and other laws, the ACMA is responsible for network monitoring in Australia, such as protecting consumers and promoting self-regulation and competition in the communications industry. At the same time, online gambling and spam both are regulated by the ACMA. [2]

Not only Australia has strict supervision online, but also penalties are severe. For example, after receiving complains from the Internet, the ACMA will review and checks the content of complain, every related sites would be asked to delete the information immediately upon verification. If the sites failed to do so before the steeled date, they will be punished with fee of 11,000 dollars per day. Police will investigate in more serious cases and the maximum penalty of such cases will be up 10 years for imprisonment.


However, network is a virtual world. The Internet regulation could not cover everything. Even Australia gets effective legislation and enforcement of Internet regulation, Australia is not a pure land without Internet fraud, children pornography and verbal abuse. In August 2012, Australia Fox Television host Charlotte Dawson hospitalized because of depression. Everything begins with a Twitter from a female named Tanya Heti to Charlotte: “Please do the world a favor go hang yourself”. [3] As ambassador of anti-violence organization, Charlotte did not keep silence but carried out a confrontation with Heti under line. And she reported Heti’s behavior to her working place MonashUniversity in Melbourne. Then the university arranged Heri for paid holiday. Charlotte talked about this in multi-profile TV shows, which caused some net users’ verbal assault to her Twitter. The whole night Charlotte received more than 100 pieces of offensive remarks, such as older than 40 years, single and have done cosmetic surgery. After almost eight hours of bombing violent language, Charlotte exhausted finally, she simply tweeted at 2 Am.: “Hope this ends the misery…” and “You win.” Australian Associated Press commented on Charlotte’s experience that the popular social network can be so evil.

After the verbal abuse on Twitter, most of Australian questioned whether the regulations of network can take responsibility to this. Spokesman of Lifeline John Mendel said that social network operators should assume some responsibility and the social media should solve the problems in 24 hours, they have to respond to any complain and close any web pages containing violent content. At the same time, delete violent comments before they wide spread. Individuals have responsibility to report such behavior.

Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said about the Dawson case: “We should get reasonable protection.”[4] According to Abbott, social media sites are maintained by people. It some one posted malicious abuse or verbal attack information online, there should have institutions, which have right to require charging person delete that information in order to make sure people are treated in a civilized manner. Abbott added that online attract is different from that in real life, because of broader impact online and always being there. This is the reason that violence online is more worrying phenomenon.


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What can I see through “At the Corner of Hope and Worry”

1. The New York Times

October 13, 2012

At the Corner of Hope and Worry

By Dan Barry


The story happened in the city; Elyria, Ohio’s and focused on the lives of Donna Dove, who opened her diner in 2000. At the moment, Elyria, Ohio was in a depressed economy, while Donna was trying to keep her diner running.

The story starts from description of the city Elyria, Ohio’s environment to Donna Dove’s diner: how could she think about to open her own diner even in the situation that many stores closed at Middle Avenue and a Judge suggested her to run a cafeteria in new courthouse and he can try to make it happen. In the article, the author used many “you”, witch makes the story personal, such as “you know this place” and “you can lose yourself in the stirring of sauce”.

Then the author wrote about her childhood with an alcoholic father. Because of her parents divorce, her mother moved to a government-subsidized house in Elyria, where Donna opened her own diner. Her own marriage was also turbulent. At the end, it came to diner again. Nice and simple vision can not be achieved because of the reality.

The Author presents characters in distinctive features with rich language. “Even the people Donna doesn’t know, she knows.” Donna is the person who can know others through their actions and language. At the same time, she is shrewd in money matters, such as she did not have health insurance. Her day anxieties contain what else could be cut of the diner’s cost.

Through the person Judge, to open up a cafeteria in new courthouse means no electric bill, no worries about security and also air-conditioning, “If you’re interested, I can try to make this happen”, he said to Donna. It can be seen that at that moment economic was recession and the government revealed sign of corruption. The author showed America that people can not always see.

Another person who was important to this article is Pete Aldrich. He is helping Donna. It mentioned several times about his glasses, “His thick-lensed eyeglasses are missing one arm,” even the eyeglasses were hard broken, he did not replace them, which highlights two aspects, first one is the economic downturn and the other is the characteristics of Pete.

It has words in the article that Donna sees the world through the blur of the work which corresponds to the further words that showed in the article, “the presidential election sometimes like a curio placed between the salt and pepper.” This is a unique figure of speech in order to connect the real word with Donna’s work.

In the democratic presidential election period, it lies in who will make the right decision. It seems that the “decision” throughout the text. Whether Donna will open diner in courthouse and whether beautiful expectations can be achieved both of them are “Big decisions”.

Donna thought about how she could do to step away from the grills and until when could she get up without breakfast order and bills. These are her hope, while Donna also had “the day’s anxieties”, such as to serve people with “lunch special” which “she can offer to clear out the refrigerator”.

No matter how much worries and hope, Donna still opens her diner, thinking about the menus. As the end of article’s description, she had her own customers, “cooking is vital to Donna” and “the owner of Donna’s Diner disappears into the kitchen”.

How Facebook is making people depressed?


As people have been using Facebook frequently, Facebook has been developed relationship with people’s emotions and happiness feelings. According to recent research, Facebook and other social media might cause a sense of unhappiness in society.

The new finding is from the University of Michigan. 82 Facebook users have been researched for two weeks. It is found that the more time a people spends on Facebook, “the more his or her feelings of well-being decrease and feelings of depression increase.”

Respondents were only asked about their emotional state under the condition of using social networks. The answers from them are the same, which is when they got chance to talk with others face to face, they will feel more fulfilling and show much strong experience of happiness.

Some people are popular online, while these people could not take actions in real life about making friends. Many people tried their best to show well relations online, but they hide who they truly are. If people want to set up a real and face to face relationship, they need to invest more than 140 characters or even use a button of “like”.Image

Under the rapid development of science and technology, it seems that people only move their fingers to finish some social behavior. However, the relationship between friends is not close and even worse people will feel very lonely.

Unlike TV, newspapers, social media platforms like Facebook can be used at anytime or anyplace. People can communicate with each other at any time of a day. In fact, people pay much attention on the number of their fans or how many friends have pressed the “like” button on your status or pictures. They will not think about the problems with social media such as how long we did not meet with to chat with each other.

It will blur the voice and body expression of the people, which is same as the sending phone messages; you can not see his/her facial expression so that it is easy for misunderstanding other’s meaning. Saying it in other words, Facebook hindered the way that people understand the content from other side, which is easy for resulting in misunderstandings.

If people did not have friends in real life, even they had many followers on social networks, they would slowly realize that real friends mostly exist in real life. When people have a few friends even no real friends, they will get a higher chance of being with Melancholia.Image

On the other hand, does Facebook only have negative impact? The answer is a definite NO. Almost everyone could say several benefits of Facebook, such as easy for people to communicate and a good way to release personal feelings. At the beginning of 2013, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he wanted Facebook to be a way to make the world more open and connected. It is obvious that Facebook has its’ own market and Facebook is recognized by many people, especially in Europe, the United States and Australia.

In China, Facebook had been banned since 2009. There were negotiations  between Facebook owner and Chinese government, but China still took strict measures to ban Facebook. The main reason is that Facebook belongs to foreign telecom operators. If it came to China, it would be different to social networking management in Chinese media market.Image

Like the saying goes, everything has two sides. If you hold the opinion that more using of Facebook will be more depressing, you could pay much attention on the time usage of it and arrange time to play with friends face to face. While people would think that they can handle the depression feelings taken by Facebook, Facebook still can bring people a lot of convenience.

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Is iPad good for children?

ImageThe mobile media has developed rapidly in recent years; representative ones are tablet PCs and mobile phones. They not only can bring convenience to people’s work, but also enrich many children’s lives. Take Apple’s apps as example, according to the latest 2013 Cartoon Network survey, it found that 70% of children aged from 4 to 14 are using apps, which is two times higher than the figure from 2011 survey. Most of these children are playing games and watching videos on iPads.

There are so many children fixated on apps’ games. Something happened when children are playing games on iPads. We all know that in the Apple Store, there are many free games. But when you are playing the games, there parts of game requiring you have to pay. But Children did not know it means real money, they just thought it is a game.Image

Sylvie is a 9 year old girl. She likes playing the game “Top Girl” from apps. There are different virtual items in this game needing you to pay. She did know what it is about and after three days she spent six hundreds dollars with in-app purchases. After the news reported, it caused many parents echoes. They had the same experience and were calling for some actions should be done about these games. Another example from a boy, who had racked up 980 dollars for a Simpsons game. When found out their bank account suddenly became low, his parents were shocked. Image

Then who is at fault? There are restrictions related to the games in ipads’ settings. Should these games be disabled by default when they are released or the parents should be responsible for  them? I agree with the former. If people need it, they can turn it by themselves.

Some people hold the opinion that the iPads are good learning tools that they provide texts, images, color as well as sounds and videos. They are very good for the children’s education at children’s intellectual development, learning interest and motivation of other aspects of development. On the other hand, iPads can provide much information that the traditional educational tools can not. In many countries, classrooms are equipped with iPads. Children can draw and listen to the current news. Parents could choose some useful software and their children could gain knowledge easily.

However, here came the problem, most things have two sides. Many people think that looking at iPads for long time has many disadvantages on children’s eyes. Adults could not stand the long time facing the computers, so how can a child? Even worse, the iPads’ radiation also affects the developing brains of children. In addition, children have low self-control; they are easy to be addicted to online games. And the iPads are easy to carry around. If children spent a lot of time on playing apps’ games, they will be accustomed to playing with their own. The behaviors will reduce children’s ability of getting along with friends.

All things have measures. In this matter of iPads, the most significant is the role of parents. First, parents should monitor children’s using time of iPads and encourage children using learning tools, music players and books in iPads. At the same time, parents should arrange many outdoors activities and join the activities together with their children. This is a good way to enrich children’s leisure time.

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