I am wondering that why my smart phone cannot cancel the shutter voice when taking photos. Sometimes at class, I want to take photos about the notes that teachers are talking about, in order to make shutter voice listen smaller, I pressed the audio loud mouth. I did not think about that such technique could be convenient to candid camera.

As the technology of mobile media development, the functions of mobile’s camera have become more perfect. And nowadays more and more people are keen on mobile photography. However, this transformative photography mode not only brings rich artistic creation and quick dissemination of information, but also it has many disadvantages, which contains controversial debates about social and ethical aspects. It seems that mobile photography could not escape “infringement” problems. “If you want to take my picture, you’ll need to get my permission first. [1]” Using mobile phone cameras should get the permission for the person and then shoot. If the photos are used for commercial purposed, it should also get the permission.

In the view of photography enthusiasts, candid camera is a creative way in order to capture the most real and original photos, which are without hide and affectation of the screen. For example, most works of one of the most famous photographers around the world Henri Cartier-Bresson’s are capture photos, or you can say they are candid camera photos, but no one accused him infringement. He teaches people how to take street photography [2], which is also hard to define the photographic infringement. In many situations, you will hard to capture the most leisure moment of the person, when you asked the permission before.


Many foreign counties phones’ brands ban the camera phone shutter sound removers, such South Korea [3]. Even in vibrate mode, signal tone of sending pictures must be send, in order to alert the surrounding crowd. Not only mobile photography relies on capture or the situation of not bothering the parties, but also painting, documentaries and other artistic creation fields.


However, even many phones have banned the shutter sound of camera, the technology has no insurance against candid camera. Users explored a variety of means to crack. The simplest one is to paste phone speaker holes with adhesive tape, which is like the way I made the sound lower with using finger pressed on it. The volume will drop a lot with adhesive tape. If at that moment together with headsets, sounds almost cannot hear. Another way is to set the system volume to minimum directly. And the most through way is to brush the phone or modify the code with eliminating the original setting, which have become common conditions in mobile phones’ repair center. In addition, there is another common way with calling the numbers of automated customers’ service, and then taking photos, which would have no sounds.

Artistic creation has it own regular and tricks, which is not mere novelty or so-called “eye-catching”. How to pursuit beauty based on protecting others’ privacy? This is the real art, such as lens blur, overexposed or less exposure of blur, highlights, shadows or other effects. These all could try.Image


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